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DWI Defense Blog

Houston DWI Lawyer Chris Samuelson Publishes Article on Blood Testing

Chris Samuelson – founding attorney at The Samuelson Law Firm – has become known as an authority on the subject of DWI defense. He has authored many articles on the subject and has ...
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When Does a DWI Become a Felony in Houston?

In a majority of DWI cases, drivers will face misdemeanor allegations. Depending on the circumstances involved, misdemeanors can subject convicted individuals to serious penalties that include large ...
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Not Hiring a DWI Attorney Can Cost You

Driving under the influence is an action that is taken very seriously by law enforcing officials, and it is their aim to find those individuals and make them suffer the fullest consequence of the law. ...
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Substance Abuse Counselor Arrested for Fatal DUI

California resident, Sherri Wilkins, 51 has recently been arrested for driving under the influence in an accident that killed another man. She is known in the community for running a sober living ...
Continue reading "Substance Abuse Counselor Arrested for Fatal DUI" »

Thanksgiving Weekend and DWIs

As Thanksgiving approaches, people will be excited to pull out their choice wines and enjoy a lavish meal along with some delicious alcohol. Unfortunately, the presence of alcohol at Thanksgiving ...
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Common DWI Myths

When arrested for driving while intoxicated, there can be severe penalties, depending on the situation. Perhaps you were out one night with your friends when you realized that it was getting late, you ...
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Getting in Touch With The Samuelson Law Firm

It was a long day at work, you and your friends decided to grab dinner and catch the last quarter of the big game before going home. Between the game, the people, and the food, you lost track of how ...
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Learning More About Your Houston DWI Defense Attorney

Being accused of a DWI is a lot for any person to handle, not only because of the possible consequences, but also how it will affect the individual’s life in the future. Driving while ...
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Hope Is Not Lost: How a DWI Attorney Can Help You

Drinking is a common source of entertainment and camaraderie, it has been for centuries. Many can recall a soothing glass of wine at the dinner table, or a few beers and a pizza watching the Sunday ...
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Welcome to our Houston DWI Defense Blog

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Houston DWI Defense Blog. You can subscribe to our RSS feed by clicking here.
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