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Learning More About Your Houston DWI Defense Attorney

Being accused of a DWI is a lot for any person to handle, not only because of the possible consequences, but also how it will affect the individual’s life in the future. Driving while intoxicated is when a person gets behind the wheel and is under the influence of either drugs or alcohol and their blood alcohol content level is above the legal limit. At the Samuelson Law Firm, we have years of experience helping those who are facing criminal accusations, challenge those charges in court.

Christian C. Samuelson, the founder of the firm has been specifically defending individuals who have been accused of a DWI charge since 1997. In that time he has received both the education and experience required when dealing with such a complex legal matter. In the almost 20 years of experience he has had as a criminal defense attorney, his work has been esteemed among the legal world. Judges, other attorneys and expert witnesses have received lectures about his techniques when approaching criminal law including DWI defense. Not only is he well known here in the United States, he has traveled abroad to share of his legal strategies.

As a member of the National College for DUI Defense, he has been given his opportunity to publish many works, and share them at seminars throughout the country, including a prestigious summer program at Harvard Law School. Public speaking and publishing work isn’t the only gifts Samuelson has, during his time as an attorney he has been able to actively live out the strategies shared with the world, and therefore has been able to lead his clients to many successful cases. Samuelsson’s published articles are valuable pieces of information regarding the law and DWI defense, some are available online for a purchased viewing at the Texas Bar CLE, if you are interested in further studies on his work. For more information on Chris Samuelsson’s experience and published works click here.

As a DWI trial defense attorney, Chris Samuelsson is known for his aggressive defense in the court room, as many know that it is required when dealing with any criminal case. As stated, he has been able to help numerous clients in their DWI cases, either having their charges completely dismiss or the sentencing significantly reduced. While no outcome of a case can be guaranteed, you can rest assured that if you chose The Samuelsson Law Firm to represent you in your DWI matters, you would be in safe hands. This firm is known for their skill and precision in the court, and they will do whatever it takes to represent your case.

Just to name a few successful cases, Samuelsson was able to have the case completely dismiss after his client had a .20% blood test for alcohol content. In the state of Texas, the legal limit of an alcohol in a driver’s blood stream is 0.08% and because of that he was able to help his client who was over twice the legal limit. Another common possibility that could lead to a driver getting arrested for a DWI is the fact that an accident occurred and there was bodily injury as a result. Recently Samuelson’s client was accused of these charges and with hard work and a strong defense they were able to convince the court to drop all charges. For more examples of his many victories in court click here.

When dealing with a DWI charge, it is important to first realize that it is not actual illegal to drive a car having had alcohol in your system, what is considered illegal is when you have had too much, and your ability to control a motor vehicle may be affected. DWI charges come in many different forms, and our firm has experience handling all of them. For example, say your daughter was arrested for a DWI after a party at her friend’s house, if she is pulled over by a police she is considered an underage DWI no matter the amount of alcohol in her system. The state of Texas follows a zero-tolerance policy for those under the legal drinking age and because of that, hiring a DWI defense attorney is crucial to your minor’s future. Our firm deals with many other DWI charges such as failure to stop, vehicular manslaughter, driving on a suspended license and many more.

When hiring an attorney to represent you before the court, you don’t want just anyone who practices law. A DWI charge if convicted can result in serious consequences, some that may affect an individual’s life significantly. Because of this you want to hire not on an experience lawyer, but a specially trained DWI attorney to represent all of your legal needs. The Samuelson Law Firm can offer this to you. Not only are they admired by the many clients they have been able to help, but they are also named among some of the most prestigious legal groups around. For example The Samuelsson Law Firm has received the AV® Rating by Martindale-Hubbell® for their work in the legal world. To receive this rating not only are the attorneys recommended by their clients, but also their legal peers, members of the Bar as well as judiciary affiliates. Their rating proves the work of the law firm including their ethical standard as well as their legal ability to help a client.

Consider following us on Facebook or Twitter for relevant videos and articles relating to DWI law and charges as well as useful information if you or someone you know is ever arrested. What you do at the time of a DWI arrest plays a large part in your defense, therefore preparation beforehand is beneficial. Fear not, if you or someone you know has already been arrested, you still have time. According to the law there is a small window of opportunity for which you are able to challenge the charges, so don’t wait another minute to call!

Our firm is located at 17225 El Camino Real #446 Houston, TX 77058, click here for our Google Plus page to receive directions from where you are located to our office. Call today for a free case evaluation to discuss your situation. We understand the stress that a person in this situation can be experiencing and we want to do our best to help you fight your charges. Contact us before it is too late, and we will aggressively represent you before the court of law!

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