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DWI Appeals Process

What is the likelihood that a DWI appeal will be successful?

When an individual is charged with, and arrested for DWI in Texas, there are an alarming number of potential consequences that can arise. Law enforcement and prosecutors alike take a special interest in drivers who operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and finding success in a DWI defense trial without the assistance of a strong and dependable DWI attorney is virtually impossible. While a great lawyer can do a lot to minimize or eliminate your charges, some cases wrongfully slip through the cracks on their way to conviction.

The DWI appeals process exists for those who believe they have been wrongly convicted for impaired driving. When an appeal is filed, it is reviewed by an appellate court to identify any errors that may have occurred during court proceedings. If the court decides there were sufficient errors to have an impact on the original case, then the DWI conviction may be remanded, which means a new trial will be arranged and the offender will have a second chance at a winning defense. In some scenarios, the appeals court may acquit based on error found in proceedings, which results in clear victory.

Accomplished DWI Appellate Attorney

As attractive as the DWI appeals process may be to those who have been met with conviction, it is complicated and thus requires a great deal of attention and focus. For example, the very first step is to file a notice of appeal. This notice must be filed within 30 days of the sentencing date, however, which means that vigilance is a requirement for anyone pursuing an appeal. The Samuelson Law Firm has worked for nearly 15 years to provide Houston residents with access to some of the highest-quality DWI appeals services and representation in the area. We can take an aggressive approach to your charges and defend your interests through an aggressive pursuit of the truth. We understand the necessity to do what needs to be done to achieve victory, and we'll take any legal action that may increase the likelihood of success in your DWI defense.

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