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What is the DIVERT Program?

Many clients ask me about the Harris County, Texas DWI DIVERT Pretrial Diversion Program. The DIVERT Program was designed to handle first time offenders and help them to avoid serious penalties such as jail time. The court supervises a formal program and after the program has been successfully carried out, the DWI charges are dropped. For many, this is an ideal situation. Speaking with a DWI attorney at your earliest convenience can help you to better understand if the DIVERT program and if you are eligible for it.

DIVERT probation last for approximately 1 to 2 years. Once the DIVERT program is complete and everything is found to be in order, the case is dismissed. In addition to having the case dismissed, an individual may also request to have his or her case expunged in 2 years. This means that any documents associated with the DWI case are destroyed. Those that complete the DIVERT program will have a dismissed DWI case on their record, which is not the same as no DWI on their record. The DIVERT program is the best possible solution for many individuals and for others, a different solution is preferred. If one accepts the DIVERT program, he or she will be made to enter a plea of guilty until the charges are finally dropped upon completion of the program. The case will not be cleared from your record, however until it is expunged.

Assisting with the Harris County DIVERT program

I have helped many clients enter the DIVERT program that have successfully finished. They were able to move on with their lives and avoid a DWI conviction. In addition, I helped many clients that had completed their DIVERT program terms to expunge their record, leaving them with a clean slate and ability to take advantage of life's opportunities. I have been helping clients fight DWI charges for years. If you or a loved one has been accused of a DWI, please call my firm today so that I can speak with you directly.

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